Thursday, July 9, 2009

Try And Remember

I miss a lot of things.
Tiffany, Bear, Mom, the cold, ice cream, lunch time, libraries, rain, corn mazes, Jaci, best friends, and grandpas and sisters.
It's hard missing something that's right beside you.
But we all do.
You can reach out and touch it.
But the feelings it once gave you are no longer there.
Laughing. Crying. Dancing. Singing. Memories
I miss being a kid.
No work, just summer time and swimming. Hot dogs and fireworks. Dance class.
Thunder storms and coloring pages.
No boys.
No love or lust.
No heartbreak.
No expectations.
I miss having a family.
Bike rides and snowmen. Pillow fights and card games.
When conversations involved two people talking.
And mommy and daddy where meant for each other.
I miss the touch, the feel, the taste, of you.
And when there was no.
Peace, Chazzie.

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