Saturday, October 24, 2009

Without. You.

"I'm nothing without you"

Nothing without you? You've been nothing without that other person for what 17,21, 89 years? Up until the point you met that other person you were nothing. There for, after them you will be nothing. Without them you are nothing?
You rely entirely too much on one person.
You were there before them. Smiled. Laughed. Danced. Had amazing times without them.
So what? You had good times with them. The point is you were fine without them. Happy.
You will be fine again. Happy again.
Without them.
They do not make you.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I've lost every ounce of myself.
I used to paint, to draw, to write.
Lot's of them.
I'm unaware of what happened.
What caused the sudden ending.
But I'm worried of what will happen if I don't find it again.
Get it back.The creativity.

Amber is the Color of your... Energy.

I've been sick. Very sick. For about a week.
The Flu. Strep. Doctors aren't sure.
Gave me medicine and sent me on my way.
It helped. I can get out of bed again. Well physically that is.
Mentally? I'm not too sure.
You didn't visit. You wanted to. You asked. Each day.
But each day I said no.
"I don't want to get you sick."
I said it so much even I started believing it.
But we both know it's not true.
It can't be hard seeing I'm slowing letting you go.
I have no choice.
You've decided everything already.
I've had no choice in the mater.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sometimes Goodbyes the Only Way

I regret Jared.
Everything about him.
Befriending him.
Talking to him.
Getting so damn close to him.
It almost makes me sick.
I was wrong.
He was wrong.
Both of us were so wrong.
He had his girlfriend.
But they were having so much trouble.
I know I was used.
But you get what you deserve.
I was the other girl.
For him.
For her.
God I regret that.
-Peace, Chazzie.